Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gloomy Weekend

Last weekend, the weather was cold and rainy and overall gloomy so for the most part we decided to stay bundled up in our cozies and enjoy the comforts of our heater.  Jason and I did get to have a date night on Friday night which was so nice, but other than that, we just hung with the girls at home.  Here are a few pics of our snuggly weekend.

Addie got play-doh in her stocking this year, and we played with it a TON this weekend.

Nothing better than napping on a cold, rainy day

Doing a little cookie baking

Just a little taste before lunch  :)

Lila ate sweet potatoes instead....sorry baby bean  :)

It's ok...they are pretty tasty Mom

Addie was trying to point to get Lila to look at the camera.  She loves to help with Lila and really is the best big sister.

More snuggles.  Soaking up this sweet baby love.

jumpy jumpy

Ad decided she needed my gloves and her hunting beaning to watch her movie.  haha

Sweet sisters....these two melt my heart

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Sherry said...

I love Addie's chef hat and cute.