Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yum Yum

The weekend before Ad turned 6 months old, we gave her her first taste of food.  I mixed a little rice cereal with some breast milk on Friday night and gave her a few spoonfuls.  We made the cereal super liquidy for her first meal, and she took it fairly well.  She didn't eat much, but we are just working on getting the hang of it for now.  The next day I gave her a few bites of avacado while my parents were in town, and she didn't seem to like it very much.  She would close her eyes and shake her head like it was the worst thing she had ever tasted.  haha  I think next time, I may mix it with a little milk and see if it goes better.  All this week, her teachers have been giving her cereal for breakfast and carrots for lunch and say she has been doing great with both.  For now, she is just having the two meals a day.  Once she increases her consumption at those meals, we will move to a breakfast, lunch and dinner routine.  Jason and I received a Beaba baby food maker as a gift so I made several batches of baby food over the weekend as well.  I froze them in ice cube trays so they will be ready in single serving sizes for the next several weeks.  I made sweet potatoes, carrots and squash.  I look forward to introducing Addison to new foods, and hopefully watching her become an adventurous and healthy eater. 
Rice Cereal....Take one

Avacado....Take two

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bible Presentation

Once a month, our church has a baby Bible presentation for babies that are 6-months and younger.  It is a mini baby dedication of sorts where the church gives each of the babies a Bible and prays over the family at the beginning of the service.  We signed up for the service at the end of January for Addison to receive her Bible.  Jim, Deanna, Jason, Jenn and Jackson all came to church with us that Sunday morning for the presentation.  It was so special to have them there.  We all had a yummy BBQ lunch after church.  We pray that Addison will grow up knowing the truths written in her Bible and will come to know the Lord as her Savior.
Pastor Ben Young praying over the families

Addison and her daddy

Family pic

Clutching her Bible tight

Jax, Deanna and Ad
Addison looked so pretty that morning in the dress that was handmade by Monica's mom, Margie. 
Momma and her girl

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CPA for a Day

January was a busy month at work for me and was my first full quarter back post baby.  Everything went well, and we filed our 10Q yesterday so things should start to slow back down.  As with most quarters, my job required some later nights and weekend work.  Our second Saturday in the office, I decided to bring a little helper with me for the day.  Ad was so good and played on her blanket with her toys in my office.  She then sat in my lap and helped on the calculator while I did some other work.  She had lots of visitors stop by to say hello and got rave reviews on how well-behaved she was.  I enjoyed the day with my girl even if it was at work.

accounting is hard work

My boss bought Addie this onesie after she was born so she wore it to work.  :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cotton Bowl

After a wonderful first season in the SEC and going 10-2, A&M played Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl on January 4th.  It was a super cold night, but Ad and I endured the weather for a little bit to watch the game outside with friends before retreating to the warmth of the inside heater.  Manziel helped the Aggies romp Oklahoma 41-13.  It was the perfect ending to a great football season.  I would have never believed at the start of the season that we would be Cotton Bowl victors and have a heisman trophy winning quarterback.  It was definitely a great year to be an Aggie fan.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

5 Months!

On January 2nd, Addison turned 5 months old.  She is really starting to develop a personality and is such a sweet baby. It really is hard to believe how much I love my baby girl. 

At 5 months, Addison.....
- is wearing 3-6 months clothes and jammies.
- is wearing a size 2 diaper.
- is wearing a size 2 shoe when she wears shoes.
- is nursing every 2-3 hours during the day (when she is with me) and takes 3-4 5oz bottles during the day when she is at school. We still haven't started any solids, but I am looking forward to that next month.
- is still a great eater but has started getting distracted more easily while eating.  She always stops eating to look around and usually gives me a huge grin before she goes back for more.
- has not been sleeping very well since she had a cold for about a month and was spoiled over the Christmas holidays.  I think we are starting to turn a corner though, and she has been sleeping a little better at night lately.  We are working on getting her on a loose schedule.
-no longer has bald spots.  Her hair has grown back in and is still red.
- has given us a few real belly laughs and is still smiling and talking all the time.
- is rolling from her back to her tummy all the time.  She did this for the first time on December 15th.
-can sit unassisted for several seconds and even up to a minute a couple of times.
- has really become interested in toys and playing.
- always wants to be where the action is.  She hates to be left alone.  Her teachers even said that she is fine entertaining herself as long as she is close by them.  If they walk away, she gets her feelings hurt and starts to fuss.
- has started to show a couple early signs of an attitude.  She will kick her legs so hard and arch her back when she is really mad. 
- has started crying a few real tears.  It's so sad.
- is still sleeping in our room....we know, we know....she should be in her crib by now.   I think we are going to transition her to the crib after I finish quarter at the end of this month.  She does nap in her crib occasionally for short periods of time when we are at home.  Santa brought her a mobile for her crib so we are hoping that will help with the transition.
- outgrew her bath sponge and had her first bath in her little bathtub this month.  She still LOVES her baths.
- celebrated her first Christmas with family and just ate up all the attention.
- likes to read books and really pays attention for 2-3 short books. We read every night before bed and other times throughout the day when I am at home.

Happy 5 month birthday baby girl!! Mommy and daddy love you so very much!

First bath is our big girl tub

playing at school

practicing sitting

Friday, January 11, 2013


Jason and I got to ring in the new year at Harrison and Brandi's house again this year, thanks to my mom for staying an extra night in Houston so she could keep Addie.  Thanks also to my dad for letting my mom stay in Houston and miss his birthday.  It was a pretty low-key evening filled with lots of friends, lots of fireworks and lots of food.  It was nice to get out and just enjoy the night baby-free.  Thanks mom for keeping our little girl, and thanks Smiths for hosting again this year!  Happy New Years.  I hope everyone has a blessed 2013!!

Conn and Trina

The girls

Burack and Jenn

What a crew

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Break Pics

This post is just serving as a picture dump of random happenings during our Christmas break.

Addie and her Uncle Cale

cute baby

Addie loved the mirror in the dressing room during our shopping excursion one day.  She kept dancing and laughing at the "cute baby" in the mirror.


Love her.  This cute hat got a lot of mileage over Christmas.

My dad took Ad for a walk around the neighborhood one afternoon.  She got tired and pulled her beanie over her eyes and went to sleep.  haha

Testing out her new white beanie

Showing off at Jason's office's Christmas party lunch.

We met Lynda and Derrick for lunch one afternoon.