Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Old McDonald's Farm

In mid October, Addie got to go on her very first field trip for school.  She was beyond exited and was even more thrilled when she found out they were going to Old McDonald's farm which is right up her alley.  Unfortunately, it was in the middle of quarter at work for me so I wasn't able to attend but her sweet teacher sent me tons of pictures.  She had an absolute ball and thought she was so grown up since she got to ride the school bus.  Every morning since when we pull into school, Lila asks when she gets to ride the school bus and Addie informs her not until she is 4.  haha #youngersiblingproblems

Dressed and ready for a day at the farm
Having a little snack before boarding the bus
Excited kiddos

A day full of animals is this girl's version of heaven

They each had a picnic lunch at the farm

Feeding animals

Petting pigs

They rode a train

and even visited the pumpkin patch.  I love Ad's school and her sweet friends and teachers.  She is having the best year which makes me so so happy.

On the bus headed back to school.

50th Day of School

Ad's class celebrated the 50th day of school in style.  She got to skip her uniform and sport some 50's duds for the day while enjoying root beer floats and learning about the number 50.  She had so much fun.  Besides.....any excuse to wear a purple, puppy skirt is a good day in her book.

HBD "Baby" Jackson

At the beginning of October, we celebrated Jackson's birthday.  Despite the fact that this sweet boy just turned 3, the girls still call him baby Jackson (I think mostly to distinguish between their older cousin Jackson).  He had a fun fireman party, and Daniel smoked what might have been the best brisket I have ever eaten.  The kiddos decorated cute hats and then adopted little animals at the end of the party.  Happy Birthday Jackson!  We hope 3 is a wonderful year.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

More soccer

Since we had soccer every Saturday this fall, we had a plethora of pics.  Below are a few from our October games.
We had one random chilly morning where the kiddos played in long sleeves.  It was the one game that Addie had no interest in participating.  The rest of the season, she had so much fun!
Pep talk from Dad
Lila really just loved soccer bc she got to eat endless boxes of raisins.  :)
My pretty little Aggie ready for game day.
My favorite soccer player

After the game, the kiddos played on the playground for a bit before heading out for the day.
Tracy had to study so Devin brought the boys to watch Ad's game.  Ad felt so proud they were there.
Love sweet Henry

Best buddies

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

At the beginning of October, the girls and I ventured out on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch in hopes of getting some cute pictures having fun and choosing a pumpkin.  We got dressed and on the drive over I was in full on bribery mode.  If you both just smile, you can choose whatever pumpkin you want, etc.  It went about like last year.....I was hot, sweaty and frustrated until I finally decided it wasn't worth it and just put my camera away and let the girls have fun.  We got a few cute pics, and I have never been more grateful that it isn't my job to get two kiddos who just want to run around in the pumpkins to sit still and smile at the camera at the same time. #canigetanamen  Without further ado, here are an insane amount of pics of my girls in the pumpkins in October 2016.