Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

This year we spent Labor Day weekend up at the lake and decided to really test the sleeping limits and invited a ton of friends (i.e. way more than the lake should hold) to hang out with us.  This was already a risky plan prior to one kid contracting hand and foot while at the lake and 2 coming down with strep.  Despite the multiple ailments and lack of sleep, we actually had a fantastic weekend with friends. 
Before heading to the lake, Addie and went and had out nails done to celebrate a great week at school for her.  She got to move up on her class' "good choices chart" a couple of times that week, and we were so proud of her!

Ad then surprised me and made her bed ALL BY HERSELF before we loaded up in the car.  She is just getting so big.

Some of the girls snuggled in to watch a movie

Chris and Eloise.  Putting stickers on paper isn't nearly as fun Dad.

Two stylin' sisters
Amanda and Finley ready for a boat ride
The Rohlings brought their water slide, and the kiddos had a blast playing on it.

Bath time!
A bed full of clean kiddos
Amanda brought glow sticks, and they were a HUGE hit!

2 thumbs up from my girl
Caroline is just too much.  This seriously could not be cuter.

The Skaifes having a brief reprieve from taking care of poor Nolan.

Bath train
The mommas headed down to the boat dock for a short break while the dads had the kiddos
Monica and sweet Marin
Look at all these sweet kiddos

Breakfast picnic in our pjs

Taking sleep where he could get it.  :)
Maddie lovin' on our Lila bean

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