Monday, November 14, 2016

September Recap

Per usual, below is a dump of September pics of my little munchkins that didn't make it into a blog of their own.

I couldn't love this ballerina and her little belly any more.
Bathing beauties
Addie had an "All About Me" project for school.  She told me all the things she wanted to include, and I just printed the pics for her.  I thought it turned out cute and really incorporated all the things that make her her right now.

On this day, the girls decided they wanted to nap together in Lila's crib.  I saw them on the monitor all snuggled together, and my heart just melted.  Look at Ad's arm holding on to her sister.  #swoon
Addie went over to Maddie's house one evening for pizza and cookie making.  She had a blast and told me she wanted to live at their house.  Awesome.
"A" for Addie!

Ad LOVES corn on the cob and wanted a picture of her eating it on this night.  Burgers and corn were pretty much our summer mantra.
We also packed away the crib during September, and the girls started sleeping together in Ad's double bed.  I can't really talk about the fact that we no longer have a crib set up in our house.  #somebodyholdme

Ready for a fun day of school

Stair step cousins  :)

PK4 ballerina girls
Mimi and Papaw sent the girls a surprise in the mail.  They love getting packages!

Addie has homework each week for her class.  We were doing it on this night, and Lila cried bc she wanted homework too so I found her a worksheet to color.  :)

I just die over this girl in her dress and cowboy boots.

My mom was in town one Friday so we took the girls to Giggles n Fun

My little astronaut
and a little girl who wants to do EVERYTHING her big sister does.  :)
The Gallimores joined us so Charlie got in on the hand-holding in the Mimi train.
Precious friends!

We headed to Cyclone Anaya's for a surprise congratulatory lunch bc....

Jason's cousin Justin got engaged!!  Congrats Justin and Jessica.  We can't wait for the big day!

Lovin this girl in her dress and booties.

I adore this pic of my girls and their Papaw.

Lila's best friend Grayson brought her a bracelet to school.  She was thrilled!

Headed to the cafeteria

Addie has been into collecting acorns and leaves and even dead bugs she finds, and we make art projects out of them.  Kind of random, but I love her love of nature and her creativity.

Two clean girls just hanging out in the toy trunk.

Addie got leopard shoes and ended up matching two of the teachers on this day so they sent me a pic.  So cute!

Snuggling sisters

Flashback to the 80's rollers.  I love this pic of these sweet sisters.

Curls for school the next day.

Addie loves to check on Lila through the window in her class after we drop her off.  I love watching them together.  They may argue and fuss, but they also love each other so much!

Jason and I took a quick trip to D.C./Virginia for a wedding (separate post coming soon) so the girls stayed with Nana and Pap for a couple days and with my parents for a couple days.  They had a blast.

Life after a couple days with Nana and Pap.

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