Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Still Thinking Pink

I had another dr's appt this morning, and baby Mayeaux continues to have a mind of her own.  Baby was still breech and was super active, making it difficult for my doctor to get any long glances.  She did get several brief views from behind and said she feels confident that we have a modest little princess on our hands.  She also said, if we end up having a boy to give her a call, and she will come help re-paint the nursery and return pink clothes.  haha  I asked her if we should be concerned that the baby is still breech, and she said it's not an issue at all right now except when trying to definitively determine the gender.  Apparently most babies make their way head down by around 36 weeks.  Baby Mayeaux continues to look healthy and is growing right on track which is the most important thing and is always so reassuring to hear.  My jaw dropped when I saw I had gained 6 lbs since my last appt only 3 weeks ago.  Yikes.  My dr. assured me that I am still well within the normal range, and my belly is measuring exactly as it should so I shouldn't worry.  All in all, it was a good appt., and we plan to now move forward with decorating our baby girl's nursery and solidifying a name.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Go Stros

Saturday morning, I headed over to meet Jason and Jenn to witness Jackson's baseball debut.  He was sooo cute in his little Astros uniform and played the role well by pounding his fist in his glove and getting in a ready position to field the ball.  Since they are only 5, there are really no outs, and each inning they let everyone bat around the bases.  The weather was gorgeous here all weekend so it was a perfect day for baseball.  The kids were all precious, and I had the best time watching them play. 

Batter up
Base hit
Throwing home

Daddy/son bonding in the outfield

Monday, March 19, 2012

Half Baked

As of this weekend, I am 20 weeks pregnant...aka half way to baby.  :)  Things seem to be moving along pretty quickly now.  I am still feeling great and feeling the baby move around often which makes me so much more relaxed than I was early in the pregnancy.  I feel like my belly has started growing at a faster pace over the last few weeks as well.  My mom said it definitely looks bigger than when she saw me just two ago.  I am still wearing my normal clothes but have a feeling I will be retiring more and more of them as the weeks go by.  I have another dr's appt next week, and hopefully baby will cooperate so we will know for sure whether it's a mister or miss.  I really think girl, but the little bit of unknown is killing me.  I did finally break down this weekend and buy a few baby girl onesies.  I just couldn't resist any longer.  Other than that, I don't really have any news to report.  I am excited to get started on the nursery as soon as we can confirm the gender.

20 weeks
Our first baby gift also arrived this weekend.  My parents bought us the Bob jogging stroller and went ahead and had it shipped to our house.  It is all set up and currently parked in our living room til I find a better place to store it.  Right now it just makes me happy right where it is bc I can glance up at it, and it makes the whole baby thing seem more real.  Thanks mom and dad.  Jason and I LOVE the stroller and can't wait to use it.
I couldn't get this picture to rotate the correct way, but these are the few onesies I bought yesterday along with a little denim skirt that has ruffles on the butt.  So precious!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Memorial Park, Mud Bugs and Maternity Clothes

The title of this post pretty much sums up my weekend.  Saturday morning I woke up and decided I wanted to go walk a lap around Memorial Park.  I called Deanna to see if she wanted to go, and we decided to take Tucker.  He was in to EVERYTHING, and we took turns dragging each other around the track.  We were worn out after making the loop but had a really good time.  Once we made it around the track, Jason met us for a burger at Beck's, and we all enjoyed lunch on the back patio.

Later that afternoon, Beth and Lynda were hosting a crawfish boil so I headed over to hang out for a few hours.  They made tons of food and had everything so festive for St. Patrick's Day.  A great time was had by all.

 Lynda's parents were in town, and her dad wanted to compare bellies.  haha
 Some of my favorite girls
 Even Shiner had on his festive green.
 The Shannonhouses
 Lynda, Me and Natalie
Jim had built these great tables to hold the cooked crawfish.  They worked like a charm.

The last week or so some of my pants have been getting a little on the tight side.  I was starting to get nervous that I would wake up one day and not have any pants that fit to wear to work so I headed to the mall today to attempt to solve that problem.  Although pretty much every item of maternity clothing I tried on was rather comfy, I was having a difficult time convincing myself that any of them looked good.  I think next time I need to take a partner in crime for an added opinion and moral support.  I did end up buying one pair of black work pants and 2 shirts.  Since some of my clothes still fit, I figure that will hold me over for a little while until I take the plunge into all maternity wear.  Today also marks the half-way point in my pregnancy....20 weeks!!  Another post on that coming soon.  Hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, March 16, 2012

8 Seconds

Last night, Jason and I headed to the rodeo with Melissa and her bf Joseph to enjoy some yummy BBQ, bull riding and good music.  Melissa got great seats from one of her co-workers so we were front and center for all the action.  Thanks Melissa for inviting us.  We had such a great time!!

 There was some great action on the bulls last night.

 Chuck wagon racing
 Mutton busting....best even of the rodeo.  The kids are precious!
 Jason Aldean put on a great show.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mystery Baby and Exciting News

I am now 18 weeks along in this pregnancy and had an appointment today with the radiologist for Baby M's full anatomy scan.  Jason and my mom both came with me to the appointment which made it really fun.  We were sooo hoping to confirm the baby's gender, but no such luck.  :(  Baby was breech today making it a little more difficult to get good shots.  The radiologist did guess girl though without knowing that's what my doctor guessed so I am feeling slightly more confident but still not 100%.  They took a ton of measurements, and everything looked great with the heart, spine, head, etc. which is always so great to hear.  Baby was moving all over the place and even yawned and started sucking her thumb during part of the appointment which was so cute to see.  They said she will most likely be tall bc her arms and legs were measuring long....not a huge surprise but still fun to know.  My doctor also confirmed that the due date is remaining around August 5th.  As much as we wanted a 100% confirmation of boy/girl, we just feel so happy that everything with the baby is looking great and right on track.

In other super exciting news, I have started feeling the baby move.  I have been feeling it for a little over a week but wasn't positive it was the baby at first.  I can now definitely tell when it's the baby I'm feeling which is so neat.  Hopefully, we will have more pictures to post soon.