Friday, February 26, 2010

Modern Technology Can Cure the Blind

They give you these beauties to tape on your eyes while you sleep the first few days so you don't accidentally rub your eyes. This picture is blackmail material if I have ever seen it.
My eyes have these red dots on them from the surgery, but they say they should go away in a few weeks.

I remember how distraught I was when in 3rd grade I was informed that I needed glasses. I tried on what seemed like hundreds of frames until I decided on a pair of huge-gold-rimmed beauties that I would wear for the next two years. I remember leaving the eye doctor after getting my glasses and being amazed that I could see the definition of the leaves on trees instead of one big, green blur on the top. In fifth grade, I convinced my mom that I was responsible enough to get contacts and was so excited to put the gold glasses to bed. I remember going to the eye doctor and just wanting my eyes to be better. I would try so hard to read the letters, but folks...once the "big E" is blurry, you just kind of accept the fact that your eyes are terrible. You get used to the idea of going to the eye doctor every year and hearing the "which is better...this is 1...this is 2...heres 2". (Those of you with bad vision who have frequented many eye doctors know what I mean). When Jason found out how bad my vision was, he decided that he would be a loving, caring, sensitive husband and ask me how many fingers he was holding up after I would take out my contacts at least once every couple of weeks. haha I had thought about/wished for better vision for years. Jason and I talked about it alot and decided it would be beneficial for us to invest in lasik. On February 12th, I went in for my surgery. It truly is amazing what modern-day technology can do. The actual surgery lasted less than 5 minutes. You are awake the entire time. It really was not painful but more just a little scary. They tell you to go home and tap a nap after the surgery bc your eyes heal better when they are closed. They give you a Valum (sp?) before the surgery so that helps with the napping afterward. :) Jason woke me up a few hours later to put eye drops in my eyes, and they were very uncomfortable at that time. I laid back down for 45 minutes and when I woke up they no longer hurt. We were watching tv and eating dinner when all of a sudden it dawned on my that I was seeing and didn't have my contacts on. It is truly amazing and worth every penny. The doctor said that my vision will continue to get more clear as my eyes continue to heal over the next few months, but I could read the 20/20 line with both eyes open the next morning....AMAZING!!

Happy Birthday to Me

On February 10th, I celebrated my 27th birthday. For the last several years my birthday has been spent in an audit room working til all hours of the night so this year I was pleasantly surprised to be able to go out to dinner with Jason to celebrate my birthday! The day before my birthday, we went to dinner and celebrated with Jason's parents, his sister, and her boyfriend. The night of my actual birthday Jason and I had a low-key night together complete with some yummy Mexican food at Tony's. Jason let me order myself an early birthday present in January (a treadmill) so on my actual birthday he gave me a cookbook that I had been majorly hinting that I wanted. :) I was so excited to get it and have been obsessed with it since. I read the woman's blog on a daily basis and Jason often teases me that I am her stalker. haha I just think she is so witty, and all of her recipes are just good old comfort food dishes that are easy to make with normal ingredients. Much like Paula Dean, she doesn't skimp on the butter and fat (hince the need for the treadmill). Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera out at dinner so I don't have any pictures from my birthday, but it was a great day. Thanks to everyone that sent texts, emails, facebook messages, etc. It really made my day!!

Mr. Smith Married Miss Jones

The groomsmen lined up at the front. This is the only pic I got at the ceremony. I was sitting too far to the right to get any good ones of the bride and groom. :(
First attempt at a picture with Jason at the reception....boys
haha...ok Jason not let's take a "real" picture
Ok...obviously he was having none it that night so the camera went away...hence no other pictures from the reception. Oh win some you lose some.
Bride and Groom making their get away
Jason and Tim all ready with their sparklers
Finally a normal picture

I can't believe February is almost gone, and I, unfortunately, have gotten behind on blogging once again. The last weekend in January our friends Harrison and Brandi got married in Houston. Since Jason was one of Harrison's groomsmen, we attended rehearsal dinner on Friday night at the Royal Oaks country club. The clubhouse was beautiful, and we enjoyed fantastic food and an evening with friends. They got married Saturday followed by a reception at the Courtyard at St. James Place. The venue is perfect for a reception. Everything was beautiful, and once again the food was to die for. When we arrived they had people walking around serving bite size appetizers that consisted of mini crabcakes (which I could have eaten all night), stuffed mushrooms, shrimp, and I feel like I may be forgetting a few. I think the group at our table tried them all. They also had a buffet for dinner complete with salad, chicken, a carving station, veggies, rolls, etc. After stuffing ourselves silly, we tried to burn a few calories on the dance floor (a much more fun form of exercise). I think I appreciate weddings and notice all the little details so much more now after planning and enjoying our own wedding last June. Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the start of their new life together.