Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ahoy It's a Boy!!

A few weekends ago, Brandi, Katy and I hosted a baby shower for Dan, Monica and Baby Boy Rohling.  Katy's mom was kind enough to let us use her awesome backyard for our nautical-themed shower.  Despite the weather being HOT, we had a great time eating, drinking and celebrating the newest mini-addition to our group of friends.  Once the official shower festivities were over, we all jumped in the pool to cap off the evening.  Overall, I would say the shower was a huge success and good time was had by all.  I can't wait to meet baby Rohling and snuggle that sweet boy.  Congrats Dan and Monica on your official entry into parenthood!!

We had a large boat set up to house all the gifts

Katy's mom made this adorable diaper cake for the entry table

We had people write messages to the Rohling to roll up and put in the bottle

Drink station


The food!

Sweet baby Rosie

Candy bar

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


After wrapping her year in the Kitten's class, Addie moved on to join the Caterpillars.  All 7 of the kids from the Kittens plus 5 new ones are in her class this year.  Addison has always loved school and been so happy to go so I was a bit surprised she had a TOUGH first week.  They said she cried most of the day for the first week.  :(  Soooo unlike her.  It was breaking my heart to leave her each day. I was just about ready to throw in the towel and quit work, but we survived.  To her credit, she had to endure a ton of change.  She went from having 3 bottles and 2 naps in her crib each day to all of a sudden having to drink milk from her sippy cup (which she still isn't a fan of) and only have 1 afternoon nap a day on her cot on the floor.  She had new teachers and a whole new environment to get used to.  We are just starting our 3rd week, and things have gotten significantly better.  She still cries a little when I walk out the door, but overall she is adjusting and doing great.  I know she will love her new class soon.  They have a fun curriculum for the kids (they told me she had a coloring project at school today), and she gets to go to the playground twice a day along with buggy rides, story time and many other fun, engaging activities.   We are looking forward to a great year in the toddler class and watching our baby girl grow and learn.