Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ooh La La

Last Sunday afternoon, I attended a lingerie shower for Jenn.  They had a wine tasting, chocolate fountain and other yummy snacks for the party.  We had a good time watching Jenn open gifts that I'm sure will make Jason swoon.  :)  To protect the innocent, I am not posting any pictures of the actual gifts but rather just a few from the party.

 Tami, Kem, Diane, Me
 Kathy, Jenn, Deanna
 Kathy, Jenn and Deanna

 I wrapped Jenn's gift in a baby bag in hopes that what was inside would bring Baby M a cousin soon.  :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's Rock

Last weekend we attended a Rock n Roll themed couple's shower for Jenn and Jason at the Marquis II and had a great time.  The hosts/hostesses had everything set up really cute with lots of fun details.  The guests of honor, hosts/hostesses and parents all had VIP badges to wear around their necks, there were rock n roll  tattoos on the tables for everyone to adorn their bodies and a photo booth complete with tons of great props.  There was yummy BBQ to eat, and a good time was had by all.

 Sara, Jane, Jenn and Posey
 The Happy Couple


  Mayeaux fam
Jenn and I

Friday, June 22, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in my life!  I woke up on Father's Day and  made Jason cinnamon rolls and eggs for his first Father's Day and gave him a few small gifts from our baby girl.  We headed over to Jenn and Jason's house that afternoon for a late lunch.  They made a huge spread, and everything was super yummy.  Jason's only Father's Day request was to be able to spend the rest of the day lounging on the couch and watching the U.S. Open so that's exactly what we did.  It was a great day just relaxing together and seeing family.  I wish I could have spent some time with my dad as well, but he was busy spending his Father's Day in the grain field.  I love you dad and hope you had a fantastic Father's Day.  I don't know how I got so lucky to have such an amazing dad, but I definitely don't take it for granted.  Jason and I were both blessed with wonderful dads, and we definitely had Howard on our minds on Sunday.  I hope everyone had a great day celebrating their dads.

The dads at lunch
Jackson and Jason
Jackson and his daddy
Gary and Jax relaxing on the couch after a yummy lunch
Wheelbarrow rides
 Jason had a gift from Baby, and my mom left him a card and lots of gummy bears (his favorite)
Baby gave Jason an Aggie dress so she would have something cute to wear to watch football games with her daddy in the fall and a Daddy's Girl sleeper.  She also gave him several boxes of of his favorite snacks.  :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cute as a Button

Our baby girl was blessed with another wonderful shower last weekend at Jenn and Jason's home.  The shower theme was "Cute as a Button", and all the hostesses had everything decorated soooo cute.  There were so many little details that I just loved, and I think everyone had a really great time.  Our daughter is so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who already love her so much.

 They had all the guests sign a bottle of champagne for us to open and celebrate once Baby M is born.  I had never seen that before and thought it was such a clever idea!

 All the flowers were wrapped in tiny diapers and had buttons on them.
 Pic of the Johnson clan
 I have the best mom!  She came all the way to Houston 2 weekends in a row to celebrate at our baby showers.  She also helped me get so much done over the weekend.  It was great having her in town.
 It meant so much to me that Aunt Paula, Suzann and Morgan drove in for the shower.  It was really great to see them!
 Bailey and Shelby helped me open all the gifts.  Kristi and Kelsey got me those precious outfits.
 Sandy Ward hand embroidered this piece for Baby M's nursery.  It is beautiful, and I can't wait to hang it.  She is going to add the baby's name and info once she is born.  SUCH a special gift!
 Me with the grandmas
 Hostesses (Diane, Kem, Tami, Me, Jenn, Laura and Donna)  We were just missing Deb.
Me, Mom, Deanna and Jenn

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

32 Weeks!

Last weekend I crossed the 32 week mark, and time is starting to really fly.  With as busy as the summer will be, I know Baby M will be here before we know it.  At 32 weeks, I am still feeling really great during the day, but I'm sleeping pretty terrible at night.  My lower back and hips hurt all during the night from trying to sleep on my sides, and I generally have to get up 2-3 times to use the bathroom.  Once I am up and moving around though I feel as good as can be expected.  Jason and I are still having tons of fun watching our baby girl move all over the place and kick and squirm.  She contorts my belly in every direction, and we never get tired of watching and feeling her move.  I have started on the nursery and am trying to get everything organized in the next few weeks before I get busy again at work.  I will post pictures soon of the nursery progress.  I find myself just sitting in the glider in her room and looking around imagining what it will be like when she is living in our home.  The other big "to-do" is deciding on a name.  Everyone is giving us such a hard time, but we just can't seem to pull the trigger.  Hopefully, we will settle on something by the time she arrives.  I am going to doctor every 2 weeks now, and she says that everything is right on track.  According to the doctor, both baby and I are doing well which is always great to hear.  We are so excited to meet our baby girl and introduce her to everyone soon.  It's right around the corner now!!  :)

32 Weeks

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Couples Baby Shower

Last weekend the Shannonhouses, Hannas and Rohlings hosted a couples shower for Baby M at Lynda and Derrick's casa.  Everything was so cute, and I loved all the little details.  They had fajitas with all the fixings and lots of beer/wine which everyone enjoyed.  We had a great turnout, and it was so fun to get to spend the evening with so many of our close friends.  Thanks to everyone that was able to make it and for spoiling our little girl.  We can't wait to introduce her to everyone soon!!

Precious diaper cake
They had a close-line with several little outfits and sleepers.  That tiny A&M outfit will be perfect for watching football games with her daddy in the fall.
Beth, Lynda, Me and these girls!
Mom getting some lovin from sweet Kinley


Family pic.  I was so happy my parents and Cale came in for the weekend to celebrate with us.
Lynda was making Jason and I pose for awkward prom pics.  The pic is dark, but it was just too hilarious not to post.

The boys had a beer chugging contest out of baby bottles.  Many bottles were destroyed in the process when they were not flowing fast enough.
Cale got baby girl this cute cowgirl onesie.  It will be perfect for rodeo season this year with a cute denim skirt over it.  :)
Robin embroidered lots of precious A&M gear for us.  I loved it all.
Us with the hosts/hostesses.  We are so blessed to have such great friends.
Everyone has been giving us a hard time about not deciding on a name so they passed out cards for everyone to suggest names for the baby.  People then voted on them as my dad read them out.  It was pretty funny.
 Gotta love good friends and awkward pictures.
 Precious Kinley and me