Friday, June 1, 2012


Jason and I decided to take a weekend away before the baby arrives to just get out of town and relax.  We headed to Scottsdale over Memorial weekend with the Rohlings and had a great time.  The weather was perfect, and the city and our resort were both beautiful. The boys golfed 4 different courses, and Monica and I hung by the pool and went to the spa one morning. We really didn't have anything planned for the trip other than just chilling out and catching up on rest, and our mission was accomplished.  I unfortunately took virtually no pictures on this trip.  I didn't end up in any of them, but I promise baby and I were on the trip.  :)

 After our facials and massages, Monica and I had lunch and hung out at the spa pool the rest of the day.  The spa was at a higher elevation on the resort up in the mountains and the view from the pool was really pretty.

 Saturday, the boys took the day off from golfing to hang with us at the pool.  You will just have to imagine me rocking my maternity bathing suit since I didn't make it in this pic.  :)
 Saturday night, we headed into Old Town Scottsdale to walk around and eat dinner.  It reminded me a lot of Mexico with tons of jewelry shops around except much cleaner.

 I loved all the landscape.  The palm trees were mixed in with the cactus and flowers with mountain backdrops.  Seemed disingenuous but very pretty.  There were also tons of cute cottontail bunnies scampering all over the resort.  I wanted to take one home with us.  :)

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