Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Project

I will just start this post by saying that when it comes to decorating our house, Jason and I often have different ideas of what we think will look good/general styles. I bought our duvet below over Christmas in anticipation of buying a King-sized bed once we were married. I love it. Jason on the other hand has never partuarly cared for it. As he was willing to overlook the style of the duvet if I was happy with it, he was not so willing to put up with the fact that the duvet insert always got bunched in the wrong places, and it was generally pretty hot to sleep with. We tried to make it work for a couple months until he finally convinced me to at least consider getting a new comforter. Since we still had Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards from our wedding we set out in search for a new bedspread. We finally agreed on the green and khaki one below. We got it home, got it on the bed, and then realized that it blended in with our light khaki-colored walls. So we got the bright idea that we would paint our bedroom. Little did I know at the time that I would be making 5 trips to Lowes and testing out about 10-15 different samples before we found a color that we were both happy with. It took ALL day to move furniture, tape walls, paint edges, roll walls, do touch ups, etc, etc, but we ended up being really happy with the results. The room feels so different and much more cozy with the slightly darker walls. See the pictures below of our new master bedroom.



Our paint supplies and multiple sample colors.

Me covering all of our samples patches with primer.

New bedspread with our newly painted walls.

Since Jason bought a new TV for our living room, we moved the one from our living room into our bedroom.