Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Last Friday (Dec. 4th), it SNOWED in Houston. I am sure for those who deal with this all winter, it is not very exciting, but for this South Texas girl I may as well have been a kid on Christmas. I was so excited and could not stop taking pictures because every time I looked outside I convinced myself it was snowing just a little harder. Below are some pics of our house in the snow.

Trees outside our front door.....the snow is starting to stick. :)

Me...very excited to be having my picture taken in the snow

Jason...not as excited about me taking his pic in the snow....haha

Yes...I did document the date on the top of our trash can. :) (My car was parked in the garage so it didn't have snow on the windows.

Our First Christmas Tree

I was so excited for Jason and I to put up our first Christmas tree. It was a fun thing for us to do together, and we have been loving having our house all decorated for Christmas. When Jason and I were dating, we decided that we would buy a Christmas ornament from the city of each place we traveled. In the last couple of years, we have accumulated quite a few. It is so much fun to think back on those trips and talk about the memories made while decorating the tree. I included some close-ups of a couple of the ornaments we have added to our collection. Apologies for the hundred of pics in this post (these are for you mom since you won't get to see our decorations).

Just Maui'd bought on our honeymoon

Our "Aloha" Santa and Seattle Space Needle

Chicago (Mom's 50th B-day trip)

Our First Christmas (given to us as a wedding gift)


Jason's dad entered one of his cars (Scarlet...a '67 Chavelle) into a car show at the convention center downtown during Thanksgiving weekend. On Saturday night, we went to look at all the cars and watch the awards show. It was kinda neat to see all of the different cars. I have never been a "car person" myself, but Jason and his dad love cars. So after marrying into their family, I have alot to learn. :) I really did enjoy myself, and am so impressed at the condition that all of these old cars are in. Jason's dad won third place in his division. Congratulations Howard!

Jason and his Dad