Tuesday, December 13, 2016

October Picture Dump

As always, below is a picture dump of the other random events in October that didn't make it into their own post.

The girls both made a trip to the dentist.  Lila was still extremely unimpressed, but Addie did great.

Ad's favorite part was the purple paint to check for sugar bugs.  :)
Happy girl with her sticker after her appointment.
These two cuties are just the best of friends.

Ad had a dermatologist apt so I dropped her off at lunch time and got to see everyone in the cafeteria.  She was excited to show me where she eats lunch every day.
Lila working on her art project in class.
Bc who can't post a sleeping baby pic
Addie loves to get out all her animal figurines and play zoo.  She sorts them all by type and arranges them into their different exhibits.  I love watching her play.
The girls and I went to the pumpkin patch and brought home pumpkins to paint in the front yard.  They loved this activity, and it kept them occupied for quite a while.  #win

Look at that concentration
Ad got herself dressed and wanted to wear her hat like me on this day.  I love her precious smile.

and her silly grin too
Playing with Nolan at the park

Addie's school picture this year!

We had soccer each Saturday in October

One Friday evening, we headed over to the Holcombes for burgers and all the kiddos played. 
October wine night at the Drums.....such a fun evening

Kind of hard to see in this picture since it is just a picture of their monitor, but look at my sweet babies snuggled up together in bed.
And just as you are thinking about how sweet they are and how you are going to miss these days sooooo much, you walk into the kitchen to this.  #popcorneverywhere
Addie had a play date at Wyatt's house and had the best time
and I hung out with this cutie.

After we drop Lila off, Addie loves to run around the corner and check on Lila through this window.  They were laughing at each other on this day and just having the best time.  :)

One of the moms in our neighborhood made this for our mom's meeting with our neighborhood elementary principal.  Isn't it so cute!?!

The girls decorated the front door for Halloween.  Not sure why Lila insisted on a picture with her shirt up.  #pickyourbattles
Sweet friends at Boo Bash

Nana brought the girls home little treats from her vacation, and they were so thrilled.  Addie had been praying every night that Nana would find her a leopard on vacation.  #prayerswereanswered

Marker mustache.  No biggie.

Blue out for FBA homecoming
My team at work participated in our campus' chili cookoff again this year, and we won 1st place!  Our booth was Bipartisan Chili, and it was obviously spoofed off the 2 presidential candidates.  We had shredded emails, applications to Trump University, etc. 
Podium and voting booth

Picking out pumpkins with Nana and Pap

Addie's art work from school.  haha  She said she was practicing her B's and then drew a pumpkin and a grape.  It is basically Jason's favorite thing ever, and he wants to frame it for his office!
We told Ad and Charlie to say bye, and they kissed.  haha