Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fall Party

In October, our mom's club had a couples costume party to get the Halloween festivities kicked off.  There was a DJ and the coolest photo van.  I love this concept.  We had so much fun with our neighborhood friends at the club.  What a great date night, and just a golf cart ride home which may or may not have been a good thing after this party (I'll never tell).  :)

My deer makeup in full force.  What did people do before Pinterest and Youtube??

Jenn and Skaife went as Guess Who characters.

Devin and Tracy as Fred and Wilma

Randy and Stephanie supporting the upcoming presidential election.

Hayden and Laura as Anchorman

Paul and Carly as Jay and Silent Bob.  Props to Carly for sporting this hideous dude attire.  :)

Jason and I went as a hunter and deer

The DJ van I mentioned above was so much fun.  There was a van with a camera in it that took pics and then emailed them and printed them out for you on the spot.  It was so great and a great idea for a party.

Brian and Heather welcomed the 70's

Paul and Jason were owning the karaoke

Bc it didn't fit anywhere else, we also had wine night in October.  It was such a fun night with yummy food, delicious wine and fabulous friends!!  Making all of these friends in our neighborhood has been one of my biggest blessings of 2016.

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