Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Despite Halloween being on a Monday in the middle of my quarter-end at work (why can't Halloween always be on a Satruday??), we had a great night with the girls.  We ordered pizza and had a quick dinner at the Skaifes before hitting the streets in our costumes.  Addie is still as obsessed with animals as she has always been and really really wanted to be a cheetah this year, and since Lila is really really obsessed with whatever Addie is obsessed with, she also wanted to be a cheetah.  :)  We had two adorable cheetahs who were both super in to trick-or-treating this year so we had an absolute blast.
Could they be any cuter?  Addie's mask made sibling pics so much easier this year.....only had to catch one kiddo smiling.  #winning
I love these little cheetahs
Halloween 2016....these are my people

Fun Aunt Donna joined us for the evening of chaos fun

Nana and Nolan
We met up with our neighborhood friends for a few houses

Addie and Jackson were inseparable all night

Bc who can't resist a two year old tutu behind bending over for candy!!

Jackson and Lila
Lila took her character very seriously.  All night she would say, "I a cheetah.....ROAR"  haha
Nolan's 1st Halloween
After trick-or-treating, the Rohlings came back to our house, and the kids sorted through their candy
The girls and Grandma Bev

Lila ditched her costume and handed out candy in her diaper and tights.  We like to keep things classy at our house.  :)

For her wedding slide show one day.  I just love that two year old belly.  If only that were cute at my age.

The girls then played a few games of Halloween bingo before bath time.
Grandma Bev was the caller.  :)

Meanwhile, back in Harlingen, the rest of the gang was dressed up too!

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