Tuesday, September 3, 2013


After wrapping her year in the Kitten's class, Addie moved on to join the Caterpillars.  All 7 of the kids from the Kittens plus 5 new ones are in her class this year.  Addison has always loved school and been so happy to go so I was a bit surprised she had a TOUGH first week.  They said she cried most of the day for the first week.  :(  Soooo unlike her.  It was breaking my heart to leave her each day. I was just about ready to throw in the towel and quit work, but we survived.  To her credit, she had to endure a ton of change.  She went from having 3 bottles and 2 naps in her crib each day to all of a sudden having to drink milk from her sippy cup (which she still isn't a fan of) and only have 1 afternoon nap a day on her cot on the floor.  She had new teachers and a whole new environment to get used to.  We are just starting our 3rd week, and things have gotten significantly better.  She still cries a little when I walk out the door, but overall she is adjusting and doing great.  I know she will love her new class soon.  They have a fun curriculum for the kids (they told me she had a coloring project at school today), and she gets to go to the playground twice a day along with buggy rides, story time and many other fun, engaging activities.   We are looking forward to a great year in the toddler class and watching our baby girl grow and learn.

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