Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr. Smith Married Miss Jones

The groomsmen lined up at the front. This is the only pic I got at the ceremony. I was sitting too far to the right to get any good ones of the bride and groom. :(
First attempt at a picture with Jason at the reception....boys
haha...ok Jason not let's take a "real" picture
Ok...obviously he was having none it that night so the camera went away...hence no other pictures from the reception. Oh win some you lose some.
Bride and Groom making their get away
Jason and Tim all ready with their sparklers
Finally a normal picture

I can't believe February is almost gone, and I, unfortunately, have gotten behind on blogging once again. The last weekend in January our friends Harrison and Brandi got married in Houston. Since Jason was one of Harrison's groomsmen, we attended rehearsal dinner on Friday night at the Royal Oaks country club. The clubhouse was beautiful, and we enjoyed fantastic food and an evening with friends. They got married Saturday followed by a reception at the Courtyard at St. James Place. The venue is perfect for a reception. Everything was beautiful, and once again the food was to die for. When we arrived they had people walking around serving bite size appetizers that consisted of mini crabcakes (which I could have eaten all night), stuffed mushrooms, shrimp, and I feel like I may be forgetting a few. I think the group at our table tried them all. They also had a buffet for dinner complete with salad, chicken, a carving station, veggies, rolls, etc. After stuffing ourselves silly, we tried to burn a few calories on the dance floor (a much more fun form of exercise). I think I appreciate weddings and notice all the little details so much more now after planning and enjoying our own wedding last June. Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the start of their new life together.

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