Thursday, November 10, 2016


We signed Addie up to play soccer this fall through the Methodist church by our house.  She is playing with a bunch of kids who will be in kinder next year with her so we were hoping it would introduce her to some new friends.  Her team name is the Cheetahs so she could not have been more thrilled since that is her favorite animal.  She has games every Saturday this fall and has been having a lot of fun.  True to her personality, she is very cautious.  She runs and follows the ball but has zero desire to get right in the mix of kids to try to steal the ball away and kick it.  I am so glad she is getting out there and hustling and playing though.  She is a competitive kid so I think being aggressive in sports will come with time/age.  We have had a great time as a family spending our Saturday mornings on the soccer field and cheering for the Cheetahs!

Ad had a practice or two before the season started, and then it was just games from then on.

Ready for her first game!  I just love her in her shin guards and cleats!

Nana came to watch Ad's first game and brought snacks so Lila was never far from her side.  :)

Pre-game pep talk!

High fives for Dad

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