Monday, October 31, 2016

August Recap

The below is a just another larger picture dump to round out August.

Bday presents from Nana for our sweet 4 year old

Friday night family movie night on the couch.  Love these two in their jammies.

The girls got a gift card from Grandma Bev so we headed to Toys R Us to pick out some treats.

Ad bought this huge leopard

and Lila chose a bag full of high heels

Just a girl takin' a load off in her heels

Ad got Hi Ho Cherrio for her bday, and the girls have loved playing.

Sweet princesses
One evening we headed over to the Gallimores to watch the Olympics so Ad helped me make some dessert to take over.

We did flags for the adults, and she insisted on animals for the kiddos.  :)

Ready to cheer on the USA!

The girls also went to our friend Ashley's birthday party.  It was a pancakes and pj's theme, and the girls got the royal treatment in the dress-up van.  So cute and fun!

One evening, Ad went to play with Maddie and made these super cute Olympic shirts.

Maddie came over to our house to play another day.

So we went to feed peacocks

Addie also got her very 1st haircut in August!!  She and Jason went just the 2 of them, and she came back with the most precious little bob.  I love that they got to do this together.

So cute!

I just love this sweet girl

Ad and I doing a little afternoon walking together.  She is looking oh so cool!

We also celebrated Marin's 1st Birthday!!

We gave Marin a princess tent and book to offset all the boy toys in their house.  :)

Too cool for school

Ad released her birthday butterflies into our backyard!

Lila started her first year of ballet!

Best buddies

We checked out a new kid place in Katy on one of my Friday's off, and the girls had a blast.

We had to teach Ad a lesson in things cost money, and you have to work to earn money after a little battle of wills one day.  She worked really hard over a week or so and earned enough money to buy this slinky puppy.  She was soo proud of herself, and we were so proud of her too.

We went to Spencer's dinosaur bday party at the science museum and had so much fun!

Telling me her Bible verse she learned at school!

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