Monday, October 17, 2016

Lila Turns 2!

On July 13th, Lila turned 2 years old. She continues to grow and change so much, and it's amazing how much more she is talking since her 21 month update.

Height:  35 inches (~78th percentile)
Weight:  29 lbs 8oz (~89th percentile)
Head:  18.75 inches (~63rd percentile)
BMI:  17 (~64th percentile)

At 2 years old, Lila.....
- is wearing 2T and some 3T clothes and jammies.
- is wearing a size 6 diaper.
- is wearing a size 6 shoe and LOVES wearing her shoes and has an opinion on which ones she wears each day. She is currently obsessed with wearing her Natives or whatever kind of shoes Addie is wearing.
-her hair has really gotten longer.  Unlike Addie, she loves to have her hair fixed and usually requests a bow.  We still haven't given her a haircut.
- Does not take a bottle anymore.  It is only sippy cups for this big girl now.
- LOVES to snack.  She is obsessed with raisins and peaches and sometimes requests cheese sticks too.  She ADORES chips (esp Cheetos) although I don't let her have them often.  She still eats tons of fruit but basically eats zero veggies.
- She understands most things we tell her to do and follows instructions well.  She is a great helper by putting her trash in the trashcan, putting her dirty clothes in the hamper, etc. 
- is talking in sentences and repeats pretty much anything we say. She says too many words to even list out now and has really learned so much. 
-still gives lots of hugs and kisses and will grab my face to turn my head so she can kiss me if I am not looking her way. 
- still LOVES peacocks and loves to go on stroller rides to find them.
- is busy busy busy. She is constantly on the move and can make a huge mess in a hurry.
-loves going to school and loves to go bye bye.  She can name all her little friends at school and goes in and starts playing right away.  She is miss social. 
- has started saying "I do it" all the time.  She wants to try to do everything herself.
-Is much more interested in reading books than she used to be which is great. 
- Has developed a love for stickers.  We find stickers ALL over our house and furniture.
-Still won't sit and watch a 20 minute show.  We got Lady and the Tramp for the girls for their birthday, and she now requests that ALL the time.
- loves to sit with me every morning to put on my makeup.  She always dips her little finger in the powder and puts it on her face.
- requests "pictures of papaw" all the time.  My dad sends the girls videos and Lila is obsessed with watching them on my phone.  She can navigate that thing better than I can most days.
- Sleeps from about 7:45-8:00pm to somewhere in the range of 6:30-7:00am in her crib.  Jason reads with her and rocks her for a bit and puts her right in bed.  She is great about putting herself to sleep.  
still loves her paci and requests it all the time saying "I NEED my paci."  haha
- is doing really well with her manners.  She says thank you all the time.  She is also good at saying please and thank you when asking for something.  She will say Bless You if you cough or sneeze.  It is really precious to watch and makes me very proud.

Lila, you were the perfect addition to our family.  You give the best hugs, have a smile that lights up the room, love adventure and are just so much fun to be around.  You have stolen our whole hearts, and Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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