Friday, October 28, 2016

Ponies and Owls

On August 17th, the girls had their 1st day of school in PK2 (Ponies class) and PK4 (Owls class).  They were both so excited to start in a new class, and I know they will have a blessed year with lots of learning.  Lila surprised me by crying her little heart out when I left her the first three days which just breaks a mama's heart, but ever since she hasn't let out a single tear.  Honestly, now she is usually too busy having fun to even tell me bye.  They both come home telling us about their day, who they played with and what all they learned.  Jason and I LOVE their school and feel like they are getting a great, Christian education and are truly cared for and loved during the day.  We couldn't ask for anything more.

1st day of school

Lila--PK2 Ponies class

Addie--PK4 Owls class

About to walk in for her first day

Ad's teacher emailed out this pic of her class on their 1st day.  Her teacher often emails us pictures and updates of what they are doing at school which I just love.

Just for fun....a pic of both girls on their 1st day of PK2.  They were both in t he Ponies class with the same teacher who we adore.  Addie had a great year in the Ponies, and we expect nothing less for Lila.  Love these two sweet babies!

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