Tuesday, October 18, 2016

July Recap

A little bit of July wrapped up in a whole lot of pictures!

Little Lila sad in time out

Sweet little tears

More zoo fun.  We pet snakes....

Looked at animals with friends....

enjoyed the zoo splash pad for our first time....

and of course rode the carousel!


Sleepy babies...

on the way to their.....

1st Astros game!!

We had a great time eating corn dogs and ice cream and watching a little bit of the game.

We caught a shirt during the game, and Ad was so excited to wear it.  haha  Just a little bit big.  :)
Pretty girl on the way to church

Flash forward to what our life will be like in a few years.

Playing with locus

Popsicles on the driveway after dinner...I just love the long summer days.

Lila's best friend at school, Grayson, brought her a Minnie Mouse for her b-day.  She loved it and was playing with her while eating her grapes on the floor.

Ad drew a pic of our family.  I love that she have me and herself long hair and Jason and Lila short hair.  :)

Cousin love

The girls spent the night at Nana and Pap's one weekend.  This was Lila's first time to spend the night, and she was so excited.

Pap brought the girls flowers
They baked cookies

 did lots of swimming
and played outside.

Jackson and Zayden were also there that weekend so they had a good time playing with their cousins.

Nana wore them out

Sleepy bean

They also got to go to the movies (Lila's 1st one)!  Fun fact:  Nana took both Addie and Lila to see their first movie in the theater.

Lila hates to sit still but apparently all you need is a bag of Cheetos and she is thoroughly entertained.  :)

Meanwhile, while the kids are away, Jason and I had a fun adult weekend complete with a kid free dinner and a super fun wine tasting night with our neighborhood friends.

Jason and I won 1st place for the 2nd time in a row!!!

Lila was so proud of the braid her teacher gave her

Coloring in class

Sweet baby feeding her baby

These two are the best of friends and have so much fun together.


My aunt sent me a fun pair of earrings totally out of the blue.  It was so sweet, and I just love them.  It made my day to get a fun little surprise!!

  An afternoon at the circus in the Bank of America suite.  #thanksNana
My mom was in town so she got to join in on the circus as well.

The next day we drove over to Winnie to visit my uncle.  It was great to see him.
We loved this big beautiful tree in their yard!


Sports day at school

Strolling the hood with Mimi

Lunch with Grandma Bev

Balloon parade!!  This is one of our favorite days of summer school.

We spent lots of time in the pool this summer.

My fearless Lila could never get enough of the slide.
Addie got a bucket of live caterpillars as part of her birthday present.  We grew them in a cage and watched them morph into butterflies over a few weeks time.  It was so fascinating.  Every day when we got home, we would go check on them and watch their progress.  We then released them in the backyard.  Addie thought this was the best.

July marked cotton harvest on the farm.  I love my hard-working dad and uncles.

4 generations of Johnsons.  Love these guys!

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