Friday, October 21, 2016

Celebrating Addie's Birthday

We had a fun day celebrating Addie's birthday.  I hope she felt so special and so loved.

A few 4 year old pics on the way to her class at school.

I'm 4!

We wrapped up cookies like she had at her b-day party and sent them to school for the kiddos to enjoy at snack time to celebrate her birthday.  She and her best buddy Wyatt posing for a pic.

After school we opened a few presents.

Horses....her favorite.

Looking at her new book.

We then celebrated Neighbors Night Out on our street.  Jenn set up her bouncy house and we ordered pizza and hung out with our neighbors.  Jenn and Jackson had made Addie a birthday cake to enjoy as well.

The girls were a hot, sweaty mess with cake all over their faces by the end of the night.  #birthdaysuccess
We had baths and enjoyed a game of hi ho cherrio that she got from Nana before bed.
She won!!

Tucking in my birthday girl.  I could not love you more Addison Lynn!!!

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