Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Summer Break

The girls on their last day of school in the Caterpillars and Starfish classes on Wednesday, August 10th

I totally forgot to take a last day of school pic with the teachers until I had left the party so they text me this one after nap.  :)

The girls had a several day break from school before the next school year started so I took some vacation, and we decided to have some fun.  On Thursday, the girls and I spent the day at the zoo!  We always have so much fun together.  It's one of my favorite things to take them to do.

Sweet sisters walking hand in hand
Our little tour guide

Lila enjoying the bear
Cute sisters on a tortoise
We packed a lunch and ate by the giraffes in the shade.  It was a perfect little picnic.

Silly girl
Addie conned sweet-talked me in to buying her these animal figurines at the zoo on this day.  She was soooo proud of them.
Pit stop at the dinousaur

All in all it was a fantastic day at the zoo with my 2 favorite girls.

On Friday, we headed up to the lake for the weekend with the Gallimores.  It was such a fun weekend with our friends.  The kids all played so well together, and we had a great time enjoying the weekend on the water.
When we arrived, there was a huge nest of wasps by the front door.  We headed back in to town so Jason could buy an arsenal of wasp spray.  (Side note:  Jason HATES wasps).  I was cracking up and being a good wife snapping pics of him spraying and running.  A few cans of wasp spray later, those wasps had no chance.
Headed out on the boat
My littlest girl and me
Tracy and Addie and Lila's future boyfriends  :)
We took the boat out to pine island and enjoyed a few hours of playing on the "beach".  This was our first time to anchor and stay a while, and we all had a blast. 

The boys, beer and babies.  Love this crew!

Henry LOVED Jason and found his way to lap all weekend.  It was pretty much the cutest thing I had ever seen.
A little guess who action to round out the weekend.

On Monday, Nolan's school was also closed so Jenn and I took our crew to the science museum.  It was a rainy day so ended up being the perfect day to spend at the museum.  The kids all stayed super engaged, and we are looking forward to going back again.

Checking out the dinosaurs

Addie loved the alligators hatching from their eggs

Pretending to forecast the weather....can you spot Addie and Lila on tv?'s a bear.  Lila was very skeptical and refused to turn her back on the bear for a pic.  haha

Hangin' out in a teepee

Lunch break!


Addie, of course, LOVED all the taxidermy animals.  They had exhibits of all kinds of African animals a big section of Texas wildlife.  She was in animal heaven.

We then headed down to the butterfly exhibit.  All the kids thought this part was really neat.

Nolan even got in on the bug trivia action

Jackson is the sweetest big cousin to our girls, and they love to hang out with him!

This was  a great way to wrap up our summer break before orientation and the first day of school.  It was a great little staycation with no work and a ton of uninterrupted time with my girls.

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