Thursday, October 20, 2016

Splish Splash Birthday Bash

Because the girls' birthdays are so close together and they still mostly have the same friends, we decided to do a joint party for them at our club pool on July 30th.  We kept things pretty simple and just let the kids swim and eat and have a great time.  The girls had an absolute ball which made it so fun.

We rented the deck area of the pool and set up a few simple decorations to make the party feel festive.

We had water shooters and sunglasses for the kiddos in bright colored buckets on the tables.
The boys indulged me and hung some bright paper lanterns in the trees.

My brother is the master of creativity and hand-painted these cardboard cutouts for the kids to take pictures.  It was such a fun surprise and so thoughtful.  Thanks Cale (aka Uncle Rock)'re the best!

Addie didn't want cake for her birthday but requested cookies and ice cream instead.  We ordered these adorable cookies to serve with ice cream and bagged some up as party favors as well.

Lemonade for the kiddos and mimosas for the mommas.

Sweet birthday sisters playing in the pool
We had a great turnout which made the morning so fun.
Papaw and Lila

We had a big fruit tray, a few trays of chick-fil-a and Cheetos (Lila's favorite)

Jenn and Nolan

Nana and Pap

Monica and sweet Marin

Love these kiddos
Lila was thrilled to have an endless supply of Cheetos at her party.  haha

Happy birthday to my precious babies
Only family pic we got.....such is life with 2 small kiddos


Spencer and Ad


Nolan wanted in on the action.  :)

Addie and her best buddy Wyatt

Sweet friends
Best Mimi and Papaw around
The party was all fun and games until the very end when we were starting to clean up and Lila's swim diaper failed her.  Womp womp.  The life guards had to bring out the pool vac and caution tape to rope off the baby pool.  I hung my head in shame as I had to sign the form for the kid who pooped in the pool.  haha
Outfit's my party, I can poop if I want to.

All that swimming brought on a fantastic nap on the couch snuggled with my 2 birthday babies

Once everyone woke up, we headed out to hunt peacocks

and Lila was thrilled we found her favorite white one!

All in all, we had a wonderful day celebrating Addie and Lila turning 4 and 2.  I could not be more thankful for these two blessings.  I thank God every day I get to be their mom and hope they had a super special day and know how much they are loved.  Thanks to everyone who came to help up celebrate our girls!

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