Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This year, we decided to not get a babysitter for NYE and just hung out the house with our kiddos (we live on the edge, I know).  Dan, Monica and Jackson came over and brought Margie's homemade gumbo, and I made a few sides to go with it.  The gumbo was delicious as always, and we enjoyed just getting to hang out with friends.  Jackson is toddling around now, and he and Ad had a blast hanging out together.  We celebrated the new year around 9pm before putting the kiddos to bed.  I told Ad that we kiss and say HAPPY NEW YEAR!  She and Jackson proceeded to kiss, and Jackson just kept puckering up his lips as far as they would pucker.  It was soooo hilarious.  We all kept laughing so they of course kept kissing.

They would kiss

Ad would laugh

and then do this.  It was so funny.

Then they would rinse and repeat.
I wouldn't trade these moments for all the NYE parties in the world.  I love to think back on the year and feel so blessed.  During 2014, we bought a new house, had a new baby, remodeled our house and are truly settling in as a family of four.  Of course, there are always difficult things we encounter throughout the year, but God has abundantly blessed us during 2014 and for that, I am so very grateful.  I hope that each of you have the best 2015!!

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