Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Play

In mid December, the girls' school had their annual Christmas play.  This year, rather than have a separate program for the primary school, the girls participated in the all-school play.  I didn't like it as much because I couldn't see them as well, but they were still cute.  Poor Lila had been sick and out of school all week, but I brought her to be in the play.  She felt terrible and wasn't too thrilled.  Poor baby.  Deanna, Jim, Skaife, Jenn and Jackson all came with us to watch the girls, and we had dinner together after.  It was a fun evening as a family.

Our little reindeer

Our sweet little sheep

Once Ad spotted me taking her picture, she started acting like such a ham.  haha

Acting like a sheep

Nana and her girls

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