Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Decor

Before I get too far removed from Christmas, I wanted to post a few pictures of our house looking festive (mostly because it makes it so much easier to back and look next year when I am trying to decorate).  Since this was the first year to spend Christmas in our new house, I had a blank slate to work with.  I used all of my same stuff but found new places for it all.  For the most part, I am a neutral d├ęcor lover, but at Christmas time, all bets are off, and I embrace the "the more sparkle and glitter the better" approach to decorating.  Below is a glimpse of what our house looked like for the month of December.

The entry way was adorned with garland and sparkly Christmas foliage.  This picture doesn't really do it justice.  I actually really loved our entry table this Christmas.

I was so happy to have my big Christmas tree back from storage this year.  We have 10 ft ceilings in our front living room so this became the tree's home.  I loved having it in front of the window so you could see it from the street.  I bought a few more sparkly sprigs to add to the top this year, but everything else was the same as past years.

I bought these flat glittery ornaments on sale and tied them to all my packages under the tree.  It made a huge statement and really made the tree so pretty.  I wish I would have taken a picture of it with all the gifts under it before they started being opened.

Buffet in the front room just got some garland and ornaments sprinkled about.

The bar housed our nativity scene and some greenery

The girl's Christmas art and cards from school were tucked into the shelves in my kitchen.  I just love seeing their sweet little hand and foot prints.

A small touch of Christmas in the bar area of the kitchen

My babies feet and some sparkly snow man also lived on the kitchen counter

We taped up the Christmas cards in the kitchen and filled a few apothecary jars with some festive filler.  I tucked some greenery and such around the jars and added a yummy smelling candle to the tray.

I put our small tree that we used at the rent house last year up in our other living area so we would have a tree in there too.  I also bought us new stockings this year which I really love.

Just a little more Christmas on the end table in the living room
I love having the house decorated for Christmas.  It makes it feel so warm and cozy, and I love sitting on the sofa in the evening with the little white lights of the Christmas tree illuminating the room.  I loved that Addie wanted to help decorate this year and will always look forward to the magic that comes along with celebrating Christmas. 

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