Monday, November 2, 2015

Slumber Party at Nana's

Addie and her Nana have been talking about having a slumber for months, and finally the last weekend in September they made it happen.  This is the first time Ad has spent the night away from us not in her own house (the other times we have left her, my parents have kept the girls at our house).  She was soooo excited to go spend the night at Nana's.  They went to the mall, swam, made cookies, did art projects, etc.  Addie had the best time and bawled her little eyes out when Nana brought her home the next day bc she didn't want to come home.  Nothing like making you feel like a great parent than your kid crying bc they have to come home.  haha  I am so glad our girls have such great relationships with their grandparents though.  Thanks Nana for such a fun night for Ad! 
Ad picked out her outfit for the big day....there are the boots again.  :)

This precious girl was stuck with Mom and Dad.


I adore this pic of Ad.  She looks soooo grown up.


She loved Nana's big bath tub.

More swimming

More baking


Nana brought her home and helped get her a bath and jammies before heading back home.  All in all, it was the formula for a successful slumber party.

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