Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jackson Turns 2 at the Zoo

Addie and Lila's best buddy Jackson turned two in October, and they had a super fun party at the zoo to celebrate.  Monica had everything looking adorable, and the kiddos had such a great time.
The girls LOVED that they got to "adopt" an animal at the end of the party.

Margie and Jackson

Hugs at the petting zoo

The weather was so nice, and the kids played on the playground for a long time and had so much fun.

Brandi and Parker

Lila has so fear and LOVES the slide

Addie the Monkey

Jackson the Tiger

Too cool for school

Lila the Monkey

One of the zoo keepers brought some animals for the kiddos to pet.  Ad was intently watching.

Petting the alligator.  This was definitely a highlight of her day.

The 3 musketeers

Jason took the girls on the carousel before we headed out

a rare family pic

Happy Birthday Jackson!


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