Monday, November 2, 2015

September Randomness and a Lake Weekend

I have apparently become an all or nothing blogger where I go post about 10 entries in 3 days and then crickets for the next month.  Since this is used as my scrapbook, I just want to make sure I get all of the every day captured here so bare with me.  The below is a sprinkling of random events that took place during the month of September.
Ad wanted her picture taken before school.  This was her pose of choice in the parking lot.

Every night after school, Jason goes out and waters the flower beds and planters, and Ad goes out to help him.  This gives them some good one-on-one time, and she LOVES going to help her daddy water.

Addie picked out these boots when she was shopping with Nana, and she has been OBESSED with them.  I just love how proud she is of her outfit here.  She really loves being able to pick out her own clothes/shoes.

This basically sums up the essence of Lila right now....a blur bc she is too busy to slow down.   

Jason was out of town for work for a few days in September so we decided to head to Chick-fil-a for dinner.  They were having family night, and Addie got her face painted.

Nana and Lila

My precious puppy dog.

Lila enjoying her lemonade al fresco

Lila is a climber and is constantly up on the fireplace or standing in chairs.  This little girls keeps us on our toes.

We headed up to the lake one weekend with the Smiths and had a great time.  The girls rode in Kinley's jeep the entire weekend and had the best time.

Kinley taking Lila for a cruise.

Cruisin on the water

When we got home, I was pushing Lila on the swing when the sprinklers came on.  She was so surprised, and then we both got tickled and couldn't stop laughing. 

I couldn't love this baby more.

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