Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Summer Break"

Addie's school is always closed for several days in August for teacher in-service and orientation before the next school year begins.  I tried to plan a few fun things for Addie to do during the break so she wouldn't just be bored at home.  Below are a few pictures of her "summer break".

We played with her animal sticker book

Just chatting with Lila while mommy made dinner

Hangin' in the laundry biggie

We headed up to Spring one day so Ad could play with Kelsey's kids.  It was great to catch up with Kelsey, and the kids get along so well.  We had a great time.

Ad got a 1000 piece Sophia art set from Kinley and Parker for her bday this year.  I had been saving it for these days at home.  We opened it one day, and it provided several hours of entertainment.  Ad has been playing with it a ton since then.  She just loves to color, stamp, do stickers, etc.

She was so sweet to share her marker with Lila so she could play too.  :)  Addie truly is the sweetest big sister and always shares even her most prized puppy toys with Lila unprompted.  She loves her baby sister so much.

I have been wanting to take Ad to the splash pad and park near our house for a while (Mom and I were actually planning to take Addie the day Lila was born before she made her early debut) so while Ad was off school, we met one of her friends from school and his mom at the park.  Wyatt and Addie had a great time playing together in the water and on the playground.  I think we will definitely being going back to this park.

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