Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lila Dee Mayeaux

On July 13th, Jason, Addison and I welcomed the newest member of our family, Lila Dee Mayeaux.  She was born at 5:42am weighing 6 lbs 13 oz and was 20.25 inches long.  We could not be more happy or in love.

Lila's Birth Story:
Jason and I were blessed with a smooth delivery (despite being fast and furious) and healthy baby girl on the morning of July 13th, exactly one week before her due date.  We are so grateful.  On Saturday morning (July 12th), I took Addie on an hour walk around the neighborhood with my friend, Jena.  When we got back from our walk, Jason and Jenn's movers had arrived (they bought a house on our street!) so I went over and helped them unpack a few boxes in their kitchen.  I had a few light contractions while I was there but more of the Braxton Hicks variety.  My mom came in town that afternoon with plans to keep Addie home from school that week and get last minute things done around our house.  I headed to get a pedicure that afternoon and take an hour to just relax.  The day proceeded normally with a few more light contractions but nothing that made me think I was really going into labor.  Jason, Mom and I stayed up talking til after 11pm, then we all headed to bed.  I woke up with another contraction around 1:30am, but it felt like more of the same so I went back to sleep.  I had another one around 3am and again just went back to sleep.  The next came at 4am, and that was strong enough that I thought I was really in labor.  Because my labor with Addie was pretty short, and we live about 35 minutes from the hospital, we decided to head to the hospital right away instead of waiting.  Jason called Jenn and Skaife to walk over to stay with Ad, and I got up to throw on some clothes and brush my teeth.  By the time I did that, my contractions were already 1-2 minutes apart.  We pulled out of the driveway at 5am.

Jason decided to snap this pic of me having a contraction before hopping in the car.  haha  This also serves as the last pic of my pregnant belly.  My contractions were coming strong and fast at this point, and Jason drove 90 mph to the hospital.  Fortunately, because it was 5am on a Sunday, there was no traffic.  We made it in a record 17 minutes.  We pulled into the valet at the hospital, and they took my directly to the delivery room.  I was already begging for the epidural, but they said they had to hook up my IV and check my progress before I could have it.  They did that right away and then proceeded to inform me that I was already 8 cm, and the baby was coming now....i.e. no time for an epidural.  I was as shocked as anyone that I was that far along and really scared about having to delivery the baby naturally.  I was definitely in the worst pain of my life at that point and was semi hyperventilating because I wasn't breathing properly.  My nurse was fantastic and got in my face and told me I could do it.  Jason was so supportive as well, and I had a FIRM grip on his hand.  There was no time for my doctor to get to the hospital, but fortunately one of the doctors in her practice happened to be a few doors down, and Dr Patolia stepped in to deliver Lila.  I only had to push a few times before she made her debut only 25 minutes after we pulled into the hospital parking lot.  Lila had dark hair, and I could immediately tell she was smaller than Addison. We actually had not completely decided on Lila's name until they put her on my chest.  Once we saw her and I got to snuggle her, Jason and I agreed that Lila Dee Mayeaux was perfect!  We are so grateful that God blessed us with another healthy, beautiful girl to call our own.  We love you Lila!

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These Lees said...

Oh my gosh, that is quite a birth story! So excited for you guys, congrats!

And so glad that Jenn lives in the hood now!