Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Addie's Barnyard Bash

For as long as Addie has been old enough to know what she likes, she's been obsessed with animals. So when it came time to plan her 2nd birthday party, I had a harebrained idea to order a petting zoo for the party and have a barnyard bash.  She absolutely LOVED it and had the best time.  It was honestly the happiest I think I have ever seen her.  I know she will probably not have long-term memories of her 2nd birthday party, but they will be memories that will last Jason and I a lifetime which makes it so worth all the effort.

We had the party in our backyard and ended up with amazing weather for an August evening in Texas.  We served pork carnitas sliders, Mexican cole slaw, chips and all the fixings.  We also had a large chick fil a nugget tray and fruit cups for the kids (which the adults all thoroughly enjoyed as well).  For dessert we had birthday cupcakes and mini Blue Bell ice cream cups.  We had a great time eating, taking the kids on pony rides, petting animals, doing crafts with the kids and celebrating our favorite two year old.  Addie partied hard and was all smiles and laughs the entire evening.  Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate our baby and thanks to my mom for helping me pull the whole party together!

Addie woke up on her birthday to a new tricycle from her Mimi and Papaw 

Cale decorated the fence for the entrance to the party.  We still have the drawings on our fence, and Ad stops every day to talk about the animals that Uncle Cale drew for her.  :)

Our sweet bday girl

Ad's first ride on the pony before the guests arrived

Family pic.  Since Lila was not quite 3 weeks old, my mom kept her inside in the nursery most of the time so she wouldn't be around all the animals and people.

Scoping out the petting zoo with Uncle Cale

Papaw showing Ad the baby pig

Mimi and Papaw with the bday girl

Nana and Ad

I bought face paint, and Cale volunteered the paint the kids faces at the party.  

We also had a craft table for the kids to color sheep and glue cotton balls on them.  

Mommy and Ad

Gma Bev and Addison

Addie's friend Wyatt from school came to her party, and they had the BEST time playing together.  They chased each other around, held hands and laughed all day.  It was so cute to watch them play together.

Nana bought Ad some hot wheels for her bday.  She loved riding it all around.

Deanna brought a bubble machine to the party, and Addie thought it was the greatest thing ever.  She was all smiles playing in the bubbles.

Giving Aunt Jenn kisses

We waited to open presents until the next morning so spread out all the fun.  Addie really enjoyed tearing into her gifts and has been playing with all her new loot.

I am so blessed to be Addison's mom and had the best time celebrating her 2nd birthday.  It was truly a day I won't forget.  Happy Birthday Goose!  Your daddy and I love you so much!

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