Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meeting Baby Lila and Other Hospital Pics

Once I got settled in the postpartum room, Jason left to go home and get Addie.  He brought her back up to the hospital to meet her new baby sister.  Lila brought Ad a baby doll and a big sister book.  She was only marginally interested in everything going on.  Jason and Deanna took her downstairs to get some lunch, and Deanna let her pick something from the gift shop.  She chose a little stuffed Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and was thrilled.  She spent the rest of the day playing at home, and my mom stayed with Lila and I at the hospital.  Kelsey came to visit us that afternoon, and we just hung out in between all the vital sign checks, blood draws, etc.  Jason came back by after Ad went to bed to see Lila and check on us before heading back home for the night.

First bath

Jason brought me pretty flowers to the hospital.  Sweet hubby.

Kelsey and Lila

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