Friday, August 22, 2014

Show Us Your Singles--My Brother Cale

Today, I am linking up with Kelly's Korner and am so excited to introduce you to my brother Cale!

Cale was born and raised in South Texas and is part of a really large, wonderful family. When I say large, I'm talking 50+ fun peeps with lots of kids and more than enough hugs to go around. Family festivities are always full of laughs and lots of activity, and that's right up Cale's alley.  Cale grew up understanding the definition of hard work with many hours spent helping his dad, uncles and grandpa on the family farm. Perhaps this is one of the reasons he possesses a love of becoming one with nature. Now that he's entered the "real world" as a working man, he has made a fantastic career out of teaching and thrives on touching the lives of young 'uns on a daily basis. Cale is without a doubt one of the most creative people I have ever met, and truly shares his passion for all things artistic with his students and everyone he encounters.  From painting and drawing to his flair for a great oxford shoe, Cale's one-of-a-kind style, creativity and warm smile make him a guy you definitely want to know.  He is an avid sports fan and especially loves to watch the Texas A&M Aggies win!  Cale is a lover of Jesus, people and a fantastic example of Christian faith. He can't wait to meet the gal that God has chosen for him. I for one can't wait to meet her and welcome her to the excitement of our family.  Cale is definitely going to make one lucky lady a fantastic hubby and baby daddy one day, and I am looking forward to him meeting the woman that can make all of his dreams come true!

He was the life of the party at my wedding!

Our dad instilled in us a love of the outdoors.  Cale enjoys hunting and fishing and soaking up the sun.

Cale is spontaneous and loves to travel.  A few years ago he headed to Europe for a month by himself to explore and ended his journey at a friends wedding in Spain. Talk about adventure!

Cale is the most amazing uncle to his two nieces and nephew.  He plays with them and loves on them, and they all ADORE him.  My two year old is constantly asking when we can go visit her uncle Cale, and he never fails to get a laugh or a good dance move from his nephew.

Sharing his love of the beach with Hayes man.

What other 29 year old guy would be willing let these girls adorn their face with stickers just to see the sheer enjoyment on their faces!?! This man is a winner, ladies!


Jennifer said...

Hi!! Your brother sounds like a great guy. I love that he is passionate about his job and loves kids. I am 30 years old and I live in Oklahoma City and am in my last year of nursing school. I would love to be a pediatric nurse!
Have a great day!

Leslie for Tara said...

Yay! I like Cale! He sounds like he might get along perfectly with my sister. I posted a blog about her today:

My sister, Tara, is 27 and is a social worker in Dallas.

RebeccaStinson said...

Big family from Texas, meet big family from Louisiana! Here is my post on my sister Cherie ;) I don't know how all this works but you can email me or leave a comment on my blog if you are interested..I guess! Haha!

Regan said...

Hi there, if you'd like to email me at I'd like to tell you about myself and see if you'd like to "introduce" me to your brother. Thanks!


Everything's Coming up Roses said...

I'm #9 on Kelly's Link-Up - I would love to get connected with your brother :)

Maydelin said...

Hi my name is Maydelin and I think you bother was a hit!! is because I think you know him very well and also you know what a women needs to read about a guy!!

I didn't pretend to post anything or participate this time, But reading something told me to post a coment.

I come from a big family, and I know that it's crazy but so much fun!!! and also I am a Preschool Teacher

I'm 25 and I from Venezuela, but I'm planing to move to FL at some point in this year!

I know this is a long shot, but if you are or your brother is interenting this is my blog

or my E.mail:


Cassie said...

Cale is GORGE!

Too bad I live in MS! I wish him all the luck finding the one God wants for him.

Robbie said...

Your brother sounds perfect! I would love to know more about him! I live in Tennessee but I have been looking to move out of here once I finish school :)
My email is I look forward to hearing from him.

Megan Elaine said...

Your brother sounds like a great guy! I would really like to get to know him better. Being in a big family would be my dream! Lord willing, Cale is the right guy for me. I am looking to relocate and Texas has always been on my mind!

Take a look at my post

email me at

cougarhoogs said...

He sounds great! My sister is Allison, #50 on the link-up. Or here's my post about her:

Victoria said...

wow, he sounds great!! if he is interested,I am single and 27 in the chicago area :) i come from a large family (I'm the 6th of 7 kids)and I am continuing to trust in God and love His plans more than my own.


Leeann Sullinger said...

I'm not sure how this works, but wanted to leave a comment on how impressed I am with your post on Cale (love the name). He sounds like a great Godly man looking for the right match which is so hard to find. I am 30, a Jesus follower and live in the Houston area. I don't have a blog, but will leave my email address if he's interested in contacting me. Thanks!

Kristi Talley said...

Hi- I saw your comment on my post regarding my sister Whitney. Please e-mail me at and we can exchange info.


Anonymous said...

My best friend is a perfect match for him! Aggie grad/sports fan, loves Jesus, loves her nephews, world traveler, and as good looking as your brother.

She lives in Dallas.

contact me if you're interested


Allison said...

Hi! I'm Allison and i'm 29. I'm a teacher and I live in Arlington, TX. Your brother sounds like a great guy! I am also a lover of Jesus and come from a large family. I am the second youngest of six kids. My email address is if you think you're brother would be interested in contacting me. Thanks!

Jamie Bird said...

Hi! I wrote a blog post on my sister, who is also 29. She loves the outdoors too and loves to travel. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO. She is #20 on the link up and here is the post I wrote about her. if you think you're brother might be interested, send me an email and I'll get them in contact. :)

Georgia said...

I literally stopped in my tracks while reading about your awesome brother Cale! I have a cousin who is absolutely gorgeous and, after reading about your brother Cale just because I was blog reading from Kelly's Korner, I stopped what I was doing just to text her to tell her about Cale! My cousin lives in Frisco, is an Aggie graduate, the best 3rd grade teacher I've ever met, but, most importantly, passionate about loving Christ. In everything she does, to loving and teaching her students, to mentoring Young Life girls and friends, and the gentleness that she uses to care for everyone in her family from her grandmother to her cousins and siblings, she exudes love and joy. She is also extremely witty. And she's gorgeous. Did I mention that? Seriously, I have never posted on a singles Kelly's Korner post before but I had to this time! Please email me if you would like a picture and her email! Yay for Kelly's Korner meets!

Carissa Howard said...

Your brother sounds like a great guy, and the perfect match for my sister. I posted this a year or so ago for my sister, so you can read all about her.
If you leave a comment anywhere on my blog it will go to my email and I can get you/him in touch with her.

Katie said...

My name is Katie, and I am a 30 year old currently living in Tulsa, OK. I am originally from upstate NY. I come from a big family, and I am the second oldest of six siblings. I love Jesus, my family and friends, traveling, playing soccer or running, serving at church, reading, and shopping with friends. I am a midwife and work delivering babies in a local hospital. I would love to talk to Cale. Email me at

Laura Hardecke said...

Hey, my goodness - your brother sounds like a great guy! It seems like we have a few things in, family, the joy of working on a farm, and the travel bug :) I too am a Christian and my favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11 - it's such a good reminder of God's promise. My family is a large one and we have a great time when together. I love spending time at the farm (in the Heartland, MO) - where my parents still raise...hogs, cattle, and row crops. Also, I'm impressed by his dance moves. I've been known to shake a leg myself :) Oh - should probably add that I'm 29.
My email is:

Courtney Sloane said...

Hey there,

My name is Courtney. I'm generally pretty outgoing but putting myself out there like this is a gigantic step outside of my comfort zone...

I'm a 26 year old attorney who lives in the foothills of North Carolina. I love the Lord, my family, and spending time with the people who matter to me. I'd rather watch a good defensive football game than most anything else, and baseball makes my heart happy. I fully believe that a smile can change someone's day, sometimes you just need hot chocolate and a good book, and a handshake and a handwritten note are things you can hang your hat on.

Have a lovely day,

Meagan Thompson said...

Hey, I'm Meagan. I'm a 27 year old Arkansan (which I am well aware isn't a Texan ��). I am a 5'9" brunette with blue eyes. I coach volleyball and teach physical education at a junior high in my hometown. I absolutely love my job! I am blessed with the best family and friends a girl could ask for. I love traveling and the outdoors especially the lake and beach. I have an almost 2 year old Great Dane named Lola {my guy must be an animal person}. Your brother sounds like a great catch and might just be my perfect match. If you agree or want to see pictures and get to know me more, my email is

Anonymous said...


I stumbled upon Cale's picture on Kelly's Korner and found this post-- you're the sweetest sister and just like me-- trying to play matchmaker for your sibling! My sister (Meredith) is single & back in the Valley working in the educational field like Cale. If Cale is interested, get him to send her a facebook message. :) BTW I haven't told her about this, so either way if he chooses to message her or not, it's all good!

I don't want to leave my last name, but I'm sure you know who I am-- Andrea's cousin :)