Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tumbling and Ballet

Well it is 2016 and after a 2.5 week break, we are back to the routine of life.  However, I have a TON of posts to get up to round out our 2015 so bare with me as I live in the past for the next week or so.
Before school let out, Addie had her mid-year tumbling and ballet demos for the parents.  I love that my job is flexible, and I can sneak over to her school to watch these things.  These demos with a bunch of 3 year olds is a little like herding cats, but when it is your kiddo they are herding, it's still precious.

Ad was so proud and her daddy and I were there to watch her.

They did a few group exercises to start

then each had a turn on the balance beam

and all had an individual performance where they showed off their somersaults, etc.

and got a certificate that outlined what skills they worked on this semester.

The next day, was Ad's ballet show.

My little ballerina

Nana was able to come watch

Ad and Spencer came in playing together and were holding  hands, etc.  These two are big buddies.

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