Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Play

Each year, the girl's school puts on a Christmas play and includes all the primary school kiddos at the beginning of the performance.  Both girls did really well, and they were adorable on stage. 

Lila's class walked out on stage and rang bells to a Christmas song.  My little social butterfly was loving it and waving at EVERYONE in the audience.  So cute!!

Our buddy Jackson's and his class in the Christmas pjs.

Hi guys!

I think she thought she was the star of the show!  Love this sweet girl.

Addie's class stood on stage and sang 3 different Christmas songs.  I was not sure how much singing would actually take place when they got up on stage in front of a huge crowd, but they did so great.  I was soooo proud of her, and I absolutely loved hearing their sweet little 3 year old voices singing.

Away in a Manger

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