Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Addie Day

Before Christmas, Donna text me and asked if she could take Addie to have a special day of fun so we put it on the books for the first day we were back in town after Christmas.  Ad was so excited, and Donna completely outdid herself.  They started the day by having breakfast together, followed by a carousel ride at the mall, a trip to the natural science museum, a pizza lunch, the toy store to pick out a toy, and the grand finale.....a horseback ride.  As you can imagine, Ad was completely over the moon.  She came home telling me exactly how you make the horse go and turn and stop, etc.  The whole day was basically every little kid's dream.  Thanks Donna for taking the time to make such great memories with my baby!
Donna and Ad bundled up and ready to start their day.


Practicing for the real thing

She chose a pony for herself and also brought one for Lila.

Giddy up

Checking out the butterflies at the museum

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