Thursday, January 7, 2016

Party Time

The last day of school, both girls had Christmas parties in their classroom.  I helped organize Lila's party this year.  We did breakfast, a book exchange and all made super cute ornaments with the kiddo's handprints.  When Lila's party was over, I headed up to Ad's class for her pizza party and book exchange.  Both girls got to wear their Christmas jammies to the party and both had a great time.  Their teachers each got them the sweetest gifts.  I am so blessed that the girls have teachers that love on them and take such good care of them during the day.

Lila was a big fan of the icing on her cupcake

Buggy ride after the party

Pizza time!

Ad drew Spencer's name for the book exchange and was so excited to give her her gift

I love Ad's face.  Her teachers gave her a Sherriff Callie puzzle, and she was sooo excited.  :)

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