Thursday, December 17, 2015

Another Catch All

Below are just some random pics from November that didn't make it into any other posts that I want to have in my "scrapbook".  Enjoy!
The pre-K had a Fall picture taking area outside their classes so we snapped a quick pic before school.

Ad in the computer lab.  Something about this picture and her tiny hand on that mouse makes her look so grown up.  Sweet girl is learning so much.

Nana always brings them a snack for after school when she picks them up.

Chocolate chip cookie for the win.

sweet sisters


Picnic in the living room when Dad was out of town.

Snuggling my sweet girls at the end of a long day.

My mom and aunt Ann ran the Harlingen half marathon.  Impressive ladies!

Cruisin' down the street

Enjoying a sleeping baby

When Lila wants a bite of something, she closes her eyes and opens her mouth as wide as it will go.  This is a blurry pic but the best I have showing her face.  It totally cracks us up every time.

Addie has been requesting that Lila sleep in bed with her.  We are not ready for that yet, but I know these two will have lots of slumber parties in their future.

Bella's bday part at Little Gym

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