Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Zoo Lights

I usually decorate for Christmas early, but since we hosted Thanksgiving this year, I spent Black Friday decking our halls.  Hopefully, I will take some pictures to post soon.  We picked my parents up from the airport Thanksgiving night, and my dad left on Friday to go hunting.  Mom stayed an extra day to help me put my Christmas up and play with the girls.  Once everything was decorated, we headed out to the zoo to take the girls to Zoo Lights.  It is so so pretty, and the girls loved it.  Lila ran around like a mad woman grinning ear to ear.  The pictures don't always turn out great, but it was a fun evening.

Love these sisters

Lila doesn't ever want to be contained and doesn't want anyone but me 100% of the time.

This pic was just too funny not to post.  My mom got Ad a light up sword and Lila the sight up necklace.  They were a huge hit that night and have continued to provide hours of entertainment.  Just this past weekend, the girls and I had a disco dance party in Addie room.  We turned out all the lights and turned the disco setting on on the sword and went to dancing.  Every time I would turn on the lights, Lila would emphatically sign more and just kept repeating it over and over.

Addie is just so sweet with Lila, and Lila adores Ad.  I love watching their relationship grow.

My girls and I


Riding the carousel is always a must at the zoo

Daddy and his daughters

Family pic

Ad was wiped and was falling asleep on the way to the car

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