Thursday, December 17, 2015

Slumber Party at Nanas

The weekend after Thanksgiving, Addie went to spend the night with her Nana and had an absolute blast.  They went to the mall, made pizza, ate cookies and went to see Ad's first movie in a theater.  She could not have been happier.
Ready to head to Nana's house

As soon as Ad left, Lila headed straight to Addie's room and put on Ad's boots to play.  haha  Lila always wants to do and wear everything that Addie does.

Zayden was at Deanna's house as well so Ad and Z had a good time playing together

Seeing Santa at the mall

Ad made herself a reindeer at build-a-bear and even brought one home for Lila.  :)

Meanwhile, back at home, we were enjoying life with this sweet baby.

She is full steam ahead all the time, and I couldn't love her more.

Very intently making her pizza

They saw the Good Dinosaur

and ate M&M's  :)

She just couldn't be any cuter....and I realize, I am not at all biased.

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