Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Feast with the Beast

Since I can't seem to get my blogging act together and post updates in a timely fashion, here comes another 10 or so updates in an effort to get caught up before all the Christmas activities ensue.  My parent's came in town the first weekend in November bc we were all heading to the Aggie game on Saturday (post to come).  It worked out swimmingly since Jason and I had already planned a date night at Feast with the Beast, and my parents offered to keep the girls.  Dad and Cale offered to take the girls to the zoo Friday morning so my mom and I could spend some uninterrupted girl time together shopping.  It was such a great day.  We shopped, laughed, ate lunch and marked a few gifts off our respective Christmas lists.  Ad and Lila had a great time with Papaw and Uncle Cale at the zoo so it was a win win.
Later that evening, Jason and I had our turn at the zoo at Feast with the Beast.  I had never been and always wanted to go.  The event didn't disappoint.  Over 60 of Houston's restaurants come and serve bite size pieces of their delicious food, and there is beer and wine throughout.  You walk around the zoo and can view live feedings of some of the animals (we saw the Cougars, Tiger and Lions), and the evening culminated with a concert by Better than Ezra.  Dan and Monica met us there, and it was my definition of a perfect date night!
Ad loves her Uncle Cale

Selfie at the zoo

Ad is obsessed with her pink cowboy boots and insisted that she must wear them to the zoo.  :)

The obligatory carousel ride

My parents took the girls to eat while Jason and I went out.  They sent us this pic of Lila who was apparently enjoying the bread.  :)

Date night with my main squeeze

The Cougar eating a chicken they had hanging from a wire. 

They fed the lions pigs, and all they were all up and active.  So fun to see!

The tiger stalking his goat.

I hadn't seen Better than Ezra play since college.  Other than the weather being pretty steamy, it was a perfect night!

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