Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weekend with my Girls

This year for his birthday, Jason asked to have a guys weekend at the lake.  So while he was away, the girls and I planned a few fun things to keep us busy.  On Saturday morning, we met a few of Addie's friends from her class last year at the zoo.  She had so much fun running around and playing with her friends.  The weather was great, and we really just had the perfect day.  Later that afternoon, she had a birthday party to attend.  We stayed at the zoo so long, we didn't really have time to go home in between so both girls were exhausted from no naps and a day full of fun.  They both still stayed super happy which made for a happy momma.  Once Lila was down for the night, I let Ad sleep in my room, and we stayed up and watched a movie together before bed.  All in all it was a great day with two of my favorite people.  I look forward to many more girls days in our future!
Addie and Spencer

Lila wanted to do everything the big girls were doing.

My precious little monkeys

She is so busy and looked so big following the big kids around.

Ad, Lila, Spencer and Savanna

Feeding the giraffes

A short cat nap in the stroller

Since we had time to kill, I took the girls on a train ride.

Ad was sooo tired at this point.  She wanted to take a little snooze.  haha

We rallied with a second round of energy for a birthday party at Pump it Up

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