Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mouse-ka-TWOls and V-day with my Wild Animals

Hayes turned 2 on February 11th, and Cody and Britt had a big Mickey Mouse b-day party planned for him the following weekend so the girls and I decided to hop on a plan and head to the Valley to help them celebrate.

We took a Thursday night flight, and both of the girls were troopers.

Everyone in the fam had to work on Friday so the girls and I had a leisurely morning at the house getting ready to start our day.  We planned to go visit my mom at school, and then head to the zoo for a little girl's day.  When we went out to get in the car, we noticed that one of my dad's cows had JUST had a baby so we walked down to the end of the pasture to check it out.  While we were there, 4 more little calves were born.  So fun!

My sweet girls in their Valentine's gear.

My mom's school had a little Valentine's shop set up so Mimi let them each pick a treat.  Ad chose a stuffed snake and Lila got a tiny bear with a balloon.

Mimi and her grandbabies

My babies and I

The girls and I then headed down to Brownsville and spent the day together at the zoo enjoying the beautiful weather.  Ad always insists on having her picture taken with every statue at every zoo we go to.  I have so many of these kinds of pictures, and I couldn't love them more.

Precious girl picked out her outfit herself.  Pretty stinkin' cute if you ask me.

Keep on eye out....there are more animal statue pictures to come.  :)

We took a break for a hot dog and animal cracker lunch.

I love these kinds of days with my girls.

Petting the stingrays

The zoo always leads to good naps in the car on the way home.

Later that evening, we all headed to dinner at Arturos to celebrate Hayes' and my birthday.  I could eat their avocado salsa for days.

Mom had picked up little bundt cakes too for dessert.  So yummy!

Happy birthday to my best little bday buddy!

Saturday was the big b-day party.  The girls were so excited!

Britt of course had everything looking fantastic

Ad helped Mimi make some of the Mickey cupcakes and had a blast.

Fun in the bounce house

I randomly came across this shirt a few days before we left for Harlingen, and it was just too perfect to pass up.  Ignore the awkward pose....I was trying to make sure you could see the words. 
 Never Thought I Would Be A Super Cook Aunt But Here I Am Killing It
Love my sweet nephew!

Lila enjoyed her cupcake.  She is a girl after my own heart when it comes to yummy dessert.

Hayes had the best time at his party.  His face was filthy dirty and his head was full of sweat....all signs of a successful two-year-old party.

That evening, Ad put on Papaw's jacket, and they headed out on the back porch to roast marshmallows.  It is kind of their thing, and I love peeking out the back window and seeing them chatting away, laughing and having a great time. 

This sweet girl LOVES her Papaw.

Valentine's morning, we all headed to church.

I had Monday off work for President's Day this year so we actually got to stay all day Sunday and enjoy hanging with the fam.  Mom and Dad took the kiddos bowling, and I snuck away for an hour and shopped by myself.  Bliss.

Ad modeling the jammies her Mimi gave her for Valentines.

On Monday morning, we headed to the airport to get back home to reality.  The girls played with the sticker book Lila got for Valentines and were both so good on the trip.  We had a fantastic long weekend with my family.  Hope each of your Valentines were filled with those you loved.  We celebrated Valentines with Jason when we got back home.  We are always so excited to see him after being gone.

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