Tuesday, March 15, 2016

February Update

As is the case with most months, I have a bunch of random pics I want to keep in for our scrapbook that didn't make it into any of the posts this months.  Without further ado, here is a picture dump from February.

Lila on a buggy ride with her friends at school

Ad working in the computer lab

Lila made me a sweet Valentine's craft at school

Jenn and I went to see Sound of Music at the theater.  It was a fun girl's night out.

And it was sooo good.

Lila is always in to everything.  On this morning, I went to do something in the other room for no less than 2 minutes and came back to her unrolling all the toilet paper.  Sigh.

On one of my Friday's off, the girls and I headed to the garden center to gather supplies to plant a little garden.

We painted paint stirrers with black paint

And apparently painted our hands too....

Then we gathered our shovel and seeds

And planted a little garden.  We have been watering it and watching everything grow.  Ad asks to check on our garden every evening, and I love letting them see what is growing from those tiny seeds we planted.

The finished product

I also got some new flowers for my front porch planters to make things feel a little more like spring.

We were out running a few errands, and I let the girls go in Pet's Mart to see the puppies.  They LOVE doing this.  Free entertainment for the win.

We have been enjoying lots of time outdoors soaking in the gorgeous weather we had in February.  It was full blown spring weather.  Bye bye to our super mild winter.

I could just eat this girl right up.

Lila saw Ad on the potty and wants to do EVERYTHING that Addie does so she had a turn as well.  Of course, there were no results, but I'm hoping this means she will be easy to potty train.  #fingerscrossed

Using our Frozen umbrella on this rainy day.

More candyland

I did my civic duty and voted in the Texas presidential primary election

Ad was sick on this day, and I was in charge of a training so had to be at work.  Poor baby came with me and slept on the floor in the training room.

Then perked up a little and had lunch with me at our lunch and learn.

But then asked to take another nap next to my desk that afternoon.  Poor baby.

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