Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Katelyn

The weekend after Valentine's Day, our neighbor's little girl, Katelyn, turned 1, and her parents threw her a super fun barnyard party complete with a petting zoo.  Addie could not have been more thrilled.  Lila had a good time too, but Addie was in her element in the petting zoo.  I couldn't even drag her out to eat lunch.  She carried the baby goats all over the pen, chased the bunnies, held baby chicks, etc.  When the party was over, she was sweaty with red cheeks, dirty hands and a huge smile. Thanks Holcombes for a great party!

I told the girls to pose for the camera, and this is what we got.  :)

All set and ready to go.

Lila was skeptical of all the animals, but she enjoyed the petting zoo as long as Daddy was there to assist

Addie on the other hand, could not have been more thrilled

Baby chicks


I have about a 1000 pictures of Ad holding these baby goats.  She carried them all over the place and was just in love.

Momma and her littlest girl

Love this sweet smile

My animal lover.  I just loved watching her have the best time.

Riding the pony

They had a little bounce house as well.  Lila was a huge fan.

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