Monday, March 14, 2016

Lake Weekend

The last weekend in February, we headed up to the lake with the Rohlings for a weekend of fun and relaxation.  The weather was perfection, and the kiddos had the best time playing together.  We ate, we fished, we went on a boat ride and mostly just enjoyed hanging out for the weekend with our friends.
I love watching the sun rise on the lake.  So pretty.

These three friends are ready for a boat ride.

and so is sweet Marin.

My girls and I out on the water.  I can't think of many things better than this.

We had a pretty cute tour guide.  :)

When each of the girls were born, my dad gave them their own little fishing poles.  We finally brought them up to the lake and they "fished" with the little rubber fish on the ends all weekend long.  Ad really got good at casting, and they loved that they "caught" something every reel in.

The best family pic we could get.  haha

The boys did put some real bait in the water back at the boat house and caught a few fish to show the kids.

Lila got her first ever powdered doughnut that weekend.  Can you tell she was a huge fan?!?  I'm telling you, that girl takes after her mama with her love of sweets.

We came back Sunday evening and played a little Candyland before heading to bed.  My parents got Addie Candyland for Christmas, and she has been absolutely obsessed ever since.  We play several games EVERY night before bed.

The weekend obviously wore the girls out bc when I pulled into the school parking lot Monday morning, this was the sight in my back seat.  :)

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