Wednesday, March 2, 2016

January Update

This picture dump will catch you up on the rest of our January randoms that didn't make it in to a post of their own.  Enjoy!

Ad looked so cute in her little chapel jumper and cardigan and wanted her picture taken by the flowers at school.

Lila's teach gave her her first set of pigtails at school.  I was just dying over how cute she looked.

Ready for a Saturday morning stroll around the neighborhood.

and this is how they ended up...haha

One weekend, we headed over to a big empty school parking lot and met up with Ad's friend Wyatt so they could ride their cars together.  They had an absolute blast!

Lila of course wanted in on all the action

After driving, they played on the school playground before heading home.

These sweet friends have been big buddies since they were 12 weeks old and are still holding hands.....


Lila discovered she could stand on the wipes and flush the potty.  It's always something with that girl.  :)

The girls and I had a fun morning at the mall together on this day.

My precious 3 year old girl

Always fearless

I couldn't love her more

Jason and I got a babysitter one weekend and headed out to see Charlie Robison play and do a little dancing.  We had such a great time....unfortunately, we didn't have a babysitter for the next morning.  whomp whomp

Love this sweet face

Lila and her Daddy snoozing

Lila and Aunt Jenn

Dad had surgery on his shoulder in January.  It was a pretty rough ordeal, but since I am a month behind on the blog, I can now saw he is starting to do much better and can hopefully see the light at the end of the recovery tunnel.

Lila dancing with her friend Grayson at school.

Jason took the girls to pick out a toy since Ad had been doing much better about putting herself to sleep.  They both came home with these unicorns.

We got together one night to celebrate Daniel's birthday by having dinner and cake.  The kiddos love any excuse to play together.

Happy Birthday Dan!

Addie has been learning about patterns at school and LOVES making patterns.  I walked in one night to tuck her in and she had done this with her balls.

Mom got a new car in January!  I didn't know they actually delivered them with big bows. 

Practicing baseball in the backyard

Ad didn't get a nap on this very busy day and literally fell asleep in her chair at the dinner table.  haha

Hope you all had a wonderful January.  Here's to hoping I get caught up with February before the end of March.  #nopromises

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